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Sling Safety Operation Regulations Warning

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1. Personnel engaged in lifting operations must undergo special operation safety training and obtain special operation safety operation certificates before being placed on posts.

2. When working outdoors, it should stop working in a bad weather such as high winds, fog days, rain and snow days above level 6, and there should be sufficient lighting at night for lifting work.

3, the lifting workers must wear the protective gear properly when carrying out lifting work.

4. Lifters and cooperators should have reasonable positions, leave room for avoidance, and must not stand at the edge of blind spots and openings.

5. It is forbidden to stand on the hanging objects during the work. No one shall stand under the vertical line of the hanging objects.

6, hooks, elevators, any components have cracks, obvious plastic deformation must be scrapped.

7. The wire rope slings used to make the slings must not be stuck with debris or other debris and must not be cut by heating.

8, wire rope sling must be made of the whole rope, the middle may not have joints, ring slings only allow one joint.

9. The minimum lifting capacity of the pre-tightened and simple elevator is 20% of the rated lifting capacity; the weight of the object is less than the minimum lifting capacity of the elevator.

10. Use QY-type Elevators to carry out the work. The lifted objects can be moved vertically or horizontally without changing the status, and the workpieces can be turned over, which is suitable for assembly work.

11. The ambient temperature of QY and QJ type elevators is +150°C~-20°C; articles with lifting temperature above 150°C are prohibited;

12. Before lifting the spreader, check whether the weight of the lifted object is within the lifting weight range. Objects with unclear weight cannot be lifted. Objects whose weight is less than the minimum lifting weight or greater than the rated lifting weight must not be lifted.

13. In order to prevent overloading, it is forbidden to hoist articles that are buried or stuck or frozen with fixtures;

14. When the spreader is used, it must be ensured that the elevator is clean and complete. The signage is clearly visible. There must be no paint, concrete, gravel, welding splatter and other dirt on the hook body, pressure angle and pressure ball.

15. Under the condition that the load of the elevator is not affected, additional auxiliary equipment such as slings or shackles can be added between the elevator and the lifting hook, but they must not be mixed with non-same spreaders.

16. It is not allowed to carry out lifting operations in a small space. The lifting process must be carried out slowly and collisions and impacts are strictly prohibited. In the event of a collision, lanyard or impact phenomenon, the use of the elevator should be stopped immediately. After inspection by the technical department of the Ministry of Security and confirmation that the hook is not damaged, it can continue to be used. 17. The taper of the part to be clamped shall not be greater than 10°.

18. QY and QJ type elevators are only used for hoisting of steel and steel structural parts, and the hardness of clamping position shall not be less than HB80 or higher than HB300; the thickness of clamping position must be within the range of clamping thickness, and the strength must be able to support Hanging weight.

19, QY, QJ-type elevators can only be lifted in one piece, and must not be clamped with a spacer; no two or more sheets can be clamped at the same time.

20, QY, QJ elevators in the clamping of small diameter pipe (diameter less than 300mm) or bending radius of curvature is less than 150mm object, the elevator pressure angle should be clamped on the inside of the curved surface; when the curvature radius is greater than 150mm, the pressure angle direction No request.

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