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Flat harness advantages and precautions for use

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Flat sling: light weight, easy to use without harm Suspend the surface of the object lifting is stable, high safety, colorful, improve labor efficiency, cost savings, corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, wide range of uses, for the port terminal, chemical, steel, machinery , installation and other.

The advantages of flat straps

1, light weight, easy to use, wide bearing surface, can reduce the surface load pressure 2, do not hurt the surface of the object is lifted 3, lifting is stable, safe, 4 high strength, colorful 5, improve labor efficiency, cost savings 6, Good resistance to corrosion and abrasion 7. Good versatility: For use in port docks, chemical, steel, machinery, installation, and other industrial applications. Flat slings offer superior performance: they provide a wide, smooth load bearing surface and are soft in suspension. Especially suitable for surface objects. If necessary, it can also be used with a protective cover with a wider strap. Because there is no metal contact, the damage caused by the smoothness of the object being lifted and the painted surface is extremely slight.

Flat harness precautions

1. Do not use damaged slings 2. When lifting, do not twist or twist the slings 3. Do not tie the slings. 4. Avoid tearing the sewing commissures or overloading. 5. When moving the slings Do not drag it 6. Do not grab or oscillate the load. 7. Each sling must be inspected before each use. 8. Polyester is resistant to inorganic acids, but is vulnerable to organic acids. 9. Polypropylene is suitable for most Use of chemical resistant materials. Nylon has the ability to resist inorganic acids. It is vulnerable to organic acids. 11. When the nylon is wet, it can lose up to 15%. 12. If the slings are likely to be contaminated by chemicals or If it is used at high temperatures, it should seek advice from suppliers.

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