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How to correctly choose the glass fiber pipe tensioning belt

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With the increasing demand for FRP pipe in recent years, FRP sand-sanding pipelines are used as the most commonly used large-diameter drainage pipes. The installation methods for FRP pipes are also divided into various categories. The following types of FRP sand-filled pipe socket-type pipes The interface briefly explains the installation method.

FRP sand-filled pipe is generally a socket interface. A small-diameter sand-filled pipe can be installed by man-moving. However, sand pipes with a diameter of more than half a meter each have a weight of several hundred kilograms or more, and large-scale lifting equipment will be used again. Increase the cost, invented in the construction process of glass steel pipe tensioner. Its working principle is to tighten the pipes at the two ends of the interface, and then force the pipes into the sockets through force, saving time and labor, saving manpower and material resources, and the average installation time of each joint less than one meter in diameter is within ten minutes. Personal installation equipment (eight hours) a day can be installed more than 500 meters pipeline, if it is 5,000 meters of pipeline four people can be smoothly installed in 5 days.

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