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Synthetic fiber lifting belt

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Synthetic fiber lifting belt is a replacement product of hoisting ropes. It is safe to use (6 times the coefficient), and it can reduce the adverse effects of human body. It has shock absorption (tensile characteristics close to wire rope), corrosion resistance, non-conductive, It is non-flammable, non-explosive, and has a protective effect on the surface of objects being lifted. The product uses high quality polyester industrial filament as raw material, the production process is composed of endless poles surrounded by parallel arrangement, coupled with a wear-resistant jacket and with a standard composition, with good stability and warning protection.

Lifting belt features:

• The material of the lifting belt is: Polyester, Polyamide, DuPont, Dyneema;

• The lifting belts can be divided into W-shaped flat belts and R-shaped circular belts. 

• The lifting belts are shock-absorbing and non-corrosive during the lifting process. , Non-conductive, and without Mars in flammable and explosive environment; 

• Its cross-sectional shape changes with the shape of the surface of the hanger, and it is very soft and flexible. It will be worn tightly or wrapped around during work. Hanging around, without damaging the hangers, also reduces the possibility of rebounding and hurting people. 

• Slings are highly resistant to corrosion and have a high resistance to hydrogen carbonate and most chemical solutions and solvents. . However, some strong acids or alkalis can cause damage to the sling. In most cases, the maintenance of the slings can be cleaned by using detergents in cold water. 

• During the hoisting process, sharp equipment shall not be cut. When lifting goods with sharp corners, edges or rough surfaces, the sling can be protected by extending the outer layer of the strap with leather or polyester to extend the length of the sling. Sling life. 

• In hoisting operations, straps must not be tied or knotted. Use proper connectors for lifting straps. 

• The weight of the lifting straps is light. Compared to chains with the same load, only 20% of the weight, so even if dropped at high altitude, it will not cause personal injury. 

• Lifting straps are provided. Unique labeling and use of international standard colors to distinguish bearing tonnage, even if the lifting belt is damaged, it is easy to identify.

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