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Standard explanation of high altitude operation safety belt

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Seat belts are personal protective equipment to prevent workers from falling from high places. They are made up of belts, ropes and metal fittings. They are collectively called safety belts. It is suitable for working at heights such as surrounding poles, suspensions, and climbing. It does not apply to fire fighting and hanging objects.

Seat Belt Variety Classification and Symbol Codes Seat belts are divided into two types, namely belt and seat belts and climbing seat belts. Surrounding rods operating belts are suitable for electrician, telecom workers, gardeners and other poles. The main varieties are: electrical belt with single belt type, electrical fence belt with anti-drop type, universal type I rope rope single belt type, universal type II rope rope single belt type, telecom workers rope belt single belt type and Leather electrician security belt and so on.

Suspension and Climbing Belts are suitable for use in high places such as construction, shipbuilding, installation, maintenance, lifting, bridges, quarrying, mining, road and railroad shunting. Its style is more, according to the structure is divided into a single belt type, double strap type, climbing type three. Among them, single belt type shelf type I type suspension belts, shelf type II type suspension belts, railway line worker suspension belts, telecom workers suspension belts, universal I type suspension belts, universal II type suspension self-locking belts Six varieties; double-strap type Universal I-type suspension double harness type safety belt, universal type II suspension double harness type safety belt, general-purpose type III suspension double-strap type safety belt, general-purpose type IV type double-strap type safety belt, full There are five varieties such as silk rope seat belts; climbing types include three types: universal type I climbing activity belts, universal type II climbing activity type belts and universal climbing fixed type. Seat belts use the Chinese Pinyin alphabet according to the variety series, and represent different types of work, different methods of use, and different structures in front and back. The meanings of the symbols are as follows: D—Electrician; DX—Telecommunications Worker; J—Shelf Worker; L—Railway Commissioning Worker; T—General Purpose (Painting, Shipbuilding, Mechanic, etc.); W—Pole Manipulation: W1—Peripheral Belt Type W2—enclosure rope type; X—suspended operation; P—climbing operation; Y—single belt type; F—anti-dropout type; B—dual harness type; S—self-locking type; H—active type; G— Fixed type.

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